Our purpose is to provide the best products which is Radiators and Brakes to our Customers at an afordable rate. As we are aware of the importance of a Car Radiator and Brakes in a Car.

By combining experience and training, MJJ Main Road Radiators and Brakes is able to create a high customer satisfaction level. Our commitment to quality and service, and ability to deliver are the standards we have set for ourselves in meeting our customer's needs.

The business is using highly trained and experienced employees as to offer high quality services MJJ Main Road Radiators and Brakes philosophy is embedded in our customer oriented management and operations, continuous efforts to existing market and create new market. This philosophy shall be incorporated at all level of the company.


MJJ MAIN ROAD RADIATORS AND BRAKES notice the need for Car radiators and Brakes for customers not to travel long distances for assistance in the section of Phalaborwa which is located in the Province of Limpopo (South Africa).

a radiator is for radiating the heat carried in from engine thru a liquid coolant to atmosphere. It operates as the engine heats up when turned on the liquid coolant in the jacket gets heated which operates the thermostat valve and lets the hot coolant pass to radiator, on the other end the pump in the system fills the amount of liquid coolant went to radiator to the jacket and the heat is again carried out in coolant & the cycle goes on and on. As a Company we always test and check our Radiators before we issue them to our Customers. With our reputation for best quality product, our clients have increase to other provinces around South Africa.


We provide high quality Brakes for our Customers at an affordable rates. We set a high quality standards in all the products we offers and that makes us the trusted and reliable Company for the products we offer.

The car has loads of energy and, when you stop, virtually all of it is converted into heat in the brake pads. That's why brake pads have to be made of materials that won't melt during a high speed of moving vehicle.

Our breaks have constantly being in good condition for ensuring the safety of our Customers as we understand the role it plays in a Car. The Batho Pele principle applies within our Organization which is puting people first as they are our clients.